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Iceland is truly blessed with glaciers, which cover 1/9th of the island's surface. The most wonderful site is Vatnajökull, the island's treasure with its 3243 square meters and close to 1 mile of thickness in some areas. Today, you have natural spectacular safari courses given in specially-equipped four wheel drives by experienced guides.

  • Glaciers , Iceland
    Glaciers, Iceland

    It's hard not to come across these glaciers that cover more than 10% of the Icelandic territory.

    © Karin Eriksson / age fotostock
  • Glaciers , Jökulsárlón, Iceland , Iceland
    Jökulsárlón, Iceland

    With its several miles of ice, Iceland boasts the ideal playground for snowmobile enthusiasts.

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  • Glaciers , Icelandic glacier , Iceland
    Icelandic glacier

    Many tourists like to come here and try their hand at climbing the glaciers to admire the breathtaking panoramas.

    © Johann Helgason / 123RF
  • Glaciers , Vatnajoekull glacier , Iceland
    Vatnajoekull glacier, Iceland

    Located in the south-east of Iceland, Vatnajökull is the country's largest icecap.

    © Christian Handl / age fotostock
  • Glaciers , Icelandic summits , Iceland
    Icelandic summits

    Many volcanoes are covered by glaciers, like the famous Eyjafjallajökull.

    © R. Richard / EASYVOYAGE
  • Glaciers , Oraefajokull glacier, Iceland , Iceland
    Oraefajokull glacier, Iceland

    At 2,119 m of altitude, the Oraefajokull is the biggest volcano on the island.

    © Tamara Sliusarenko / 123RF
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