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Gulfoss is 4 miles east of Geysir. Nicknamed "goldfalls" because of the rainbow forming above its head on bright days, they offer a superb sight you can contemplate closer via a short-distance footpath (the footpath also leads to the bottom of the cataract). The falls rush into the 1.5 mile long canyon. Gulfoss gorges. They rush so fast, so you should be extremely cautious when approaching them.

  • Gulfoss waterfalls , Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland , Iceland
    Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland

    Located in the south-west of the island, Gullfoss boasts a fantastic view over its 32m high double waterfall.

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  • Gulfoss waterfalls , The Hvítá river, Iceland , Iceland
    The Hvítá river, Iceland

    The canyon where the icy waters fall was carved out by the Hvítá river.

  • Gulfoss waterfalls , The Golden Circle, Iceland , Iceland
    The Golden Circle, Iceland

    The Gullfoss waterfall, together with Geysir and Ţingvellir, make up the Golden Circle, constituting three very popular tourist sites.

  • Gulfoss waterfalls , Golden Falls, Iceland , Iceland
    Golden Falls, Iceland

    Golden Falls was given its name in honour of the rainbow that appears in the sky here on nice days.

  • Gulfoss waterfalls , Gullfoss in winter, Iceland , Iceland
    Gullfoss in winter, Iceland

    In winter, the waterfall starts to freeze over due to the cold and can sometimes even end up completely frozen.

    © Colin Young / 123RF
  • Gulfoss waterfalls , Iceland
    Gulfoss waterfalls
    © Lindsay Douglas / 123RF
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