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If you wish to add a volcano to your list of sights, walk up to Hekla Mountain (by bus or 4 X 4). The last time this volcano, the most famous in the island, erupted was in 1991. Destroyed and chaotic, the landscape you will see will take your breath away. Not far from the volcano, some 12 miles eastward is the Landmannalaugar Region with its varied and authentic landscapes, one of the excellent areas in the island for hiking.

  • Hekla Volcano , Iceland
    Hekla Volcano, Iceland

    What is called the island of "fire and ice" is home to more than 200 volcanoes.

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  • Hekla Volcano , Icelandic volcanoes , Iceland
    Icelandic volcanoes

    Hekla, Iceland's most active volcano, rises to almost 1,500m.

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  • Hekla Volcano , Hiking in Iceland , Iceland
    Hiking in Iceland

    The Hekla volcano can be visited on a snowmobile, on skies, or on foot in what constitutes an incredibly beautiful hike.

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  • Hekla Volcano , The Hekla summit , Iceland
    The Hekla summit, Iceland

    3 or 4 hours are needed to reach the summit on foot following the path of the most recent eruption.

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  • Hekla Volcano , Iceland's chain of volcanoes , Iceland
    Iceland's chain of volcanoes

    Located in the south of the island, Hekla belongs to a 25 mi long chain of volcanoes.

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  • Hekla Volcano , Icelandic eruption , Iceland
    Icelandic eruption

    Hekla is one of the best known volcanoes in Iceland, along with the famous Eyjafjallajokull.

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