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Northeast of the country, close to Grimsstadir, is Jokulsarglfur Reserve lodging the longest gorges in the island (Jökulsa gorges : 15.50 miles) and especially the most powerful waterfall in Europe (44 m high and 100 m wide). Access is easy from Husavik and Lake Myvatn. The path to the Reserve crosses the grey-coloured lunar landscape dotted with polished rocks. Before this path is a 20-minute walk footpath. Other less spectacular but also splendid falls are at a 10-minute walking distance downstream.

  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , Jokulsarglfur Reserve, Iceland , Iceland
    Jokulsarglfur Reserve, Iceland

    Jökulsárgljúfur National Park was created in 1973 and its superb landscapes now span some 46 mi².

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  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , The Jokulsa River, Iceland , Iceland
    The Jokulsa River, Iceland

    The Jokulsa River snakes through the spectacular scenery of the Jokulsarglfur Reserve.

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  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , Dettifoss Falls, Iceland , Iceland
    Dettifoss Falls, Iceland

    With an output of 500m3 per second, a height of 45m, and a width of some 100m, the Dettifoss Falls are the most powerful in Europe.

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  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , The Jökulsá River in Fjöllum, Iceland , Iceland
    The Jökulsá River in Fjöllum, Iceland

    At 128 miles long, the Jökulsá in Fjöllum is Iceland's second longest river.

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  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , The Katlar gorges, Iceland , Iceland
    The Katlar gorges, Iceland

    The Katlar gorges form the narrowest part of the Jökulsá River.

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  • Jokulsarglfur Reserve , Hólmatungur, Iceland , Iceland
    Hólmatungur, Iceland

    Jökulsárgljúfur National Park spans some 19 miles from the Ásbyrgi canyon to the spectacular Dettifoss waterfall.

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