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Iceland has a wide range of resorts used for both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. Hundreds of kilometres of trails are available for you. Excellent skiing conditions: abundant snow, secured environment (even for children) and standard equipment. You can rent everything you need. Air from the Gulf Stream at altitude is cold and dry and the sky is most often blue and clear. The best skiing season is from February to April but some of the island's regions are covered with snow most of the year.
The major ski resorts are: Dalvik, Siglufjörour and Olafsjörour in the North, Blafjöll and Skalafell in Reykjavik region; Isafjörour towards the Fjörds in the West and Oddskaro in the East. Some glaciers are accessible but this obviously depends on the weather.

  • Skiing , Iceland
    Skiing, Iceland

    Iceland offers a wide range of experiences, such as hurtling down an immaculately white mountain.

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  • Skiing , A ski slope in Iceland , Iceland
    A ski slope in Iceland

    There are hundreds of miles of slopes to be discovered on the snow-covered mountains and volcanoes.

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  • Skiing , Snowboarding in Iceland , Iceland
    Snowboarding in Iceland

    Although the season is in full swing between February and April, some regions are covered in snow for a good half of the year.

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