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On the Eastern plateaus, with much patience and a keen eye, you can see the reindeer and blue fox. But Iceland is firstly heaven for both bird watchers and professional ornithologists. There are over two hundred bird species (puffins, sea eagles, falcons, gyrfalcons and wild ducks). This is why Lake Myvatn pulls the highest number of tourists each year. Moreover, the Region of the same name is one of the island's driest areas and the weather is often mild .

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    Wildlife, Iceland

    A large wild ram population has taken up residence in the Icelandic countryside.

  • Terrestrial wildlife , Icelandic rams , Iceland
    Icelandic rams

    The Icelandic ram is recognisable by the number of horns it has and the quality of its wool.

  • Terrestrial wildlife , Icelandic sheep , Iceland
    Icelandic sheep

    It's impossible not to come across any sheep in a country where there are two of them for every person.

    Ingemar Lindewall / age fotostock
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    Icelandic horses

    Imported by the Vikings, Icelandic horses are recognisable by their small, robust stature.

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    White polecats, Iceland

    It's not very often you come across a white polecat since they are quiet, timid little creatures.

    Byrdyak / 123RF
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    Arctic foxes, Iceland

    The arctic fox is one of the few mammals native to Iceland.

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