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Iceland is a paradise for bird lovers. The advantage of this attraction is that it is cheap. You will have fun if you are guided in your tour and you will easily get an ornithologist who will supplement these new discoveries with anecdotes. Actually, over 200 bird species fly over the island. Some nest here while others simply stopover for the season. Iceland is the highest reproduction site for seabirds: eiders, puffins, arctic terns, wading birds and sparrows...
Where do they hide?
In western Fjords in Latrabjarg, the biggest bird cliffs in the world, also offering an impressive sight of families of penguin. Puffins have taken the Vestmann islands hostage while ducks prefer Lake Myvatn and the jaegers nest in the sands south of Iceland. A splendid sight that takes you to another world of beauty.

  • Watching birds , Bird-watching , Iceland
    Bird-watching, Iceland

    Iceland is one of the last undeveloped regions of Europe and is home to a large number of bird species.

    Martin Sundberg / Age Fotostock
  • Watching birds , The Arctic tern , Iceland
    The Arctic tern, Iceland

    The Arctic tern is a great migrating bird that is able to travel thousands of miles a year.

    Justus de Cuveland / age fotostock
  • Watching birds , The Atlantic puffin , Iceland
    The Atlantic puffin, Iceland

    Capable of long periods of apnoea, the puffin may not be very at ease in the air but it certainly excels underwater.

    Wolfgang Handl / age fotostock
  • Watching birds , The common snipe , Iceland
    The common snipe, Iceland

    The common snipe is characterised by its very long and straight beak which enables it to trap its prey.

    Michael Nitzschke / age fotostock
  • Watching birds , Puffin in flight , Iceland
    Puffin in flight, Iceland

    The puffin spends the winter offshore, returning every year to nest on the coasts of northern Europe.

    Marten Dalfors / age fotostock
  • Watching birds , The whimbrel , Iceland
    The whimbrel, Iceland

    Very common in Iceland, the whimbrel squawks and circles around to protect its territory.

    Justus de Cuveland / age fotostock
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