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Swimming in bubbling water at the foot of a volcano... What is more reviving? Most municipalities have come to realise it and are now supplying their pools with hot springwater. Despite annual external temperature, their are built in open air. Jetboating is a fashionable activity. Boats are specially designed for jetboating to row down the river currents in top speed. Rafting is another activity. Add to all these water activities watching marine wildlife, naturally: there are many whales and dolphins, and sea trips are easily available.

  • Water activities , Water-based activities , Iceland
    Water-based activities, Iceland

    Amphibious boats navigate the water amid the floating icebergs.

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  • Water activities , Sea-kayaking in Iceland , Iceland
    Sea-kayaking in Iceland

    Kayaking is the best way to get up close to the animals without making them feel threatened.

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  • Water activities , A ride in an Icelandic kayak , Iceland
    A ride in an Icelandic kayak

    Head for the fjords to the east and west of the country if you can, as these are more sheltered from the wind than the southern coast.

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  • Water activities , Fishing in Iceland , Iceland
    Fishing in Iceland

    People come to Iceland from all over the world to try their hand at trout and salmon-fishing.

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  • Water activities , Windsurfing in Iceland , Iceland
    Windsurfing in Iceland

    Despite the outside temperatures, windsurfing enthusiasts flock to the waters of Iceland.

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  • Water activities , Icelandic whale , Iceland
    Icelandic whale

    You're over 95% likely to spot a cetacean if you take a boat ride out to sea here.

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