Things to see in Central India

Central India is full of beautiful things to see and do. The richness of this country can be seen in the diversity of the landscapes and the fauna and flora.

Visit the temples and palaces, bastions of the oldest religions, sample the hugely varied culture, and lose yourself in the crowded streets of Bombay. In short, be amazed.

  • Central India
    Central India
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Parks and reserves

Central India is home to many parks and nature reserves where you can see a whole host of different species. The national parks in Simlipal and Kanha have plenty to offer for animal lovers.


Central India has a wide variety of landscapes, and despite the lack of high mountains, there are some beautiful panoramas to be seen. Mount Girnar and Mahabaleshwar are shining examples of this richness.


India's caves bear testimony to the originality and aesthetics of the Buddhist religion. Among the most well-known are the Ajanta and Karla caves.


With its very rich culture and diversity of religions, India has an impressive number of temples, palaces and pilgrimage sites to visit.

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