Things to see in East India

It would be a shame to visit India just to work on your suntan. People come to visit the sites, for a change of scenery and to get a taste of a completely different culture, and come back from their trip transformed.

India is such a culture shock that you have to see it to believe it. As you walk through the streets you'll realise you can't possibly be bored: you'll fall in love with the colours, you'll remember the flavours, and your spirituality will be tested with all the different short, you'll be charmed, and your senses will testify to it.

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    East India
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Parks and reserves

Eastern India is abundant in reserves, each more incredible than the last. Take a ride on an elephant and see tigers, rhinoceros and crocodiles, it's all possible! Do a bit of research before you set off, you'll be amazed at what awaits you.


If you're travelling along the coasts of West Bengal, stop off at Diamond Harbour, the Brighton of India. This seaside resort, 32 miles south of Calcutta, is accessible via bus or train. Once there, take a short ferry ride past Sagar Island.

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