Things to see in Jammu and Kashmir

  • India, Jammu and Kashmir
    India, Jammu and Kashmir
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Arts and culture

At the crossroads of many different zones of influence (India, Pakistan and China), Kashmiri music is a blend of Arabo-Persian, Indian and Central Asian influences. This last influence can be heard in both the instruments and the musical scales. The region is home to several museums where jewellery and traditional clothes of the royal family are conserved, as well as Pahari paintings and many antique objects stemming from the local artisanry.


The wealth of the heritage in this region makes it a tourist destination with excellent potential. The city of Srinigar is a treasure in itself and there are even those who call it the most beautiful city in the world. Srinigar is famous for its houseboats, its Mogul gardens and its buildings from the Golden Age, like the Great Mosque built in the 17th century.

The region is also full of temples, palaces and monasteries. Indeed, in the region of the Himalayas, 87% of the population of Jammu is Hindu, while 81% of the Ladakhs are Buddhist, which is really quite exceptional when you consider that the state of Jammu and Kashmir is mostly Muslim.

The fauna

Even though the current conflicts between India and Pakistan are a threat to the fauna of this region, it is still home to several national parks. They include: Dachigam, Kishtwar, where you can see brown bears, Hemis, and Salim Ali, which commemorates the ornithologist of the same name.

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