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  • India, Tamil Nadu
    India, Tamil Nadu
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Like Kerala, Tamil Nadu offers a variety of landscape, covered with beaches, fertile plains and mountains.


Tamil Nadu boasts a low, sandy and slightly indented sea frontage. The coastline is full of diversity: it is lined with beaches, canals (around Pichavaram and Pondicherry) or flanked by historic ports, such as Poompuhar and Nagapattinam. It equally houses bird refuges. In the Gulf of Mannar, the line of island of the Adam bridge links India to Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Arts and culture

Every city in southern India has its own peculiarities, know-how and artisans. Although architecture might be the art form that is most representative of the Indian civilisation, it would be a shame to reduce the art and culture in the region to just the temples and palaces that have been built over the centuries.

The culture of Tamil Nadu is very diverse. Jewellery, pottery, wall paintings and textiles all help to make up the cultural heritage of the region and to represent India around the world.

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There are more than 30,000 temples in the state of Tamil Nadu, which has earned it its title as 'A Land of Temples'. As you might have guessed, the architecture is very diverse, with edicts carved into the stone and flora and fauna growing and living in and around the sanctuaries.
The monuments of Tamil Nadu can be divided into two categories; historical and religious. Many cities in the region are full of magnificent monuments that have been gorgeously decorated with sculptures and engravings.

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