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Lombok is one of the 17,000 islands that form the Indonesian archipelago. Less frequented than its neighbour Bali, it has managed to keep its charm and authenticity. Travellers who venture here are looking more for beautiful landscapes and unspoiled forests rather than idyllic beaches. There are many untamed areas that remain untouched by humans where nature reigns supreme. Hikers will enjoy trekking on the slopes of the 3,726m high Rinjani volcano, and diving enthusiasts will love the island's reefs that are full of fish. A trip to the three small islands of the Gili archipelago is a must. Amateur explorers will appreciate the silence of this tropical environment. Add to this the warm welcome you will receive from the inhabitants of Lombok and you get the perfect combination for a great trip to this well-preserved island at the heart of the Indonesian archipelago.

Lombok: the key figures

Surface area : 4725.0 km2

Population : 3000000 inhabitants

Time difference : Lombok is 8 hours ahead in winter and 7 hours ahead in summer.

  • The pleasant climate throughout the year.
  • The upmarket hotels.
  • Lombok is less crowded with tourists than its neighbour Bali. It has managed to keep its authenticity, which is very apparent when you visit the island.
  • Prices have skyrocketed in the past few years.
  • It can take some visitors a few days to adapt to the local cuisine.

Lombok: what to visit?


  • The beaches of Kuta , Indonesia
    The beaches of Kuta
  • The Tetebatu paddy fields , Indonesia
    The Tetebatu paddy fields
  • Mount Rinjani , Indonesia
    Mount Rinjani
  • Mount Rinjani , Indonesia

The fauna

  • Sharks , Indonesia
  • Turtles , Indonesia
  • Turtles , Indonesia


  • Coast and beaches , Indonesia
    Coast and beaches
  • , The Gili islands, Coasts, Lombok
    The Gili islands
  • , The Gili islands, Coasts, Lombok


  • Saté Ikan , Indonesia
    Saté Ikan
  • Sambal , Indonesia
  • Sambal , Indonesia

Lombok: what to buy?

People do not visit Lombok for the shopping. Nevertheless, there are many excellent local handicrafts. The development of tourism has encouraged the creation of wooden sculptures, basketry, materials and leather puppets, etc.

Shops are open six days a week. Opening hours vary, but many are closed between 2:00pm and 4:00pm, and shopping centres are usually open until 9:00pm.

Lombok: what to eat?

Due to the presence of tourists of different nationalities, the cuisine in Lombok is very diverse, which is much more apparent than in the rest of Indonesia. Like neighbouring Bali, Lombok is enriched by its cuisine. You will find many Western, Thai, Indian and Japanese dishes here. Chinese cuisine, which is usually very good, has also gradually appeared. Local food usually consists of rice served with vegetables, meat, eggs and soup. One of the most well-known dishes is the famous nasi goreng, which consists of fried rice, vegetables and sometimes chicken or beef. Many spices are added, but the amount of chilli used is rarely enough to set your mouth on fire. Finally, for dessert, you can enjoy the many fruits that can be found on the island. The bananas, pineapples, mangoes and papayas are usually excellent. Coconut and sugar are commonly added to dishes. As for drinks, beer is widely consumed, and Bali produces excellent coffee.

You can get something to eat at any time of the day. You will find many warung, a type of small outdoor cafe, as well as street vendors who cook outside. If you fancy a good steak and chips like those you can get in the west, you can order one in the restaurants of major hotels, but it won't be as nice as in Europe, and it is much more expensive than local dishes.

Lombok: travel tips

: It is best to avoid visiting Lombok between December and February, the rainiest part of the year. The best time to go is during the summer months. What should you take with you? Take light clothing, as temperatures rarely drop below 20°C. That being said, avoid outfits that are overly provocative.

The best thing is to not overpack: t-shirts and anoraks can be bought for cheap on the island. In winter, you don't particularly need to cover up, but take a light sweater if you will be visiting high-altitude areas. In the wet season, cotton clothes are the most comfortable, as the heat is intense, and you should take a raincoat and waterproof shoes! Regarding medication, the change in eating habits may cause stomach problems (heartburn, etc) so : make sure you pack some tablets to take if you are in pain. You should also consider taking anti-malaria medication.

As an added precaution: take photocopies of your passport and ID photos with you. These will be very useful in the event that you lose these documents.

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