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Things to see in Lombok
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

To the east of Bali and away from the bustling crowds, the island of Lombok is the perfect place to get away from the world. The picturesque mountainous landscapes and white sandy beaches on the Gili Islands offer a break from reality. The island is also home to the third largest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, whose crater forms a lake known as Segara Anak, a popular place for hiking in the wilderness. The change in scenery continues as you go along, with green paddy fields overlooking palm trees, which create exotic and peaceful landscapes. In short, the beautiful island of Lombok never ceases to surprise and amaze the travellers who flock to the area.


The discrete island of Lombok does not attract as many tourists as Bali, but it still offers magnificent landscapes, green paddy fields and stunning white sandy beaches. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those looking for tranquillity, who can explore the island away from the crowds.

The fauna

There are no large mammals on the island of Lombok, but it is inhabited by many diverse species, such as lizards, marsupials, parrots and other cockatoos found in Australia. The discoveries you make will be surprising but rewarding.


The north of Lombok, where coconut trees line the coast and conifers cover the slopes of Mount Rinjani, is wetter than the south, which sometimes experiences terrible water shortages. Nevertheless, Lombok is a natural unspoilt region for travellers wanting to explore.


Indonesia is an archipelago, which means a lot of fish and shellfish is eaten. Along with rice, they form the basis of the population's diet. Spices are essential in the preparation of many dishes, particularly curry.