Overshadowed by the Mesopotamian plain, the Iraqi territory is crossed by Tigris and Euphrates. The two rivers finally join to flow out into the Persian Gulf. Temperatures in Iraq are very high in summer. It is the hottest country in the Arabic Peninsula. However, the Arabian magic has faded out today. Only stability and security will encourage tourists to travel to Iraq in peace. The main wealth of the country is its numerous religious monuments, archaeological sites and ethnic diversity.

Security: the FCO advises against all but essential travel to the whole of Iraq, with the exception of the Kurdistan region, where there are no travel restrictions in place.

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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Iraq
Iraq: the key figures

Surface area : 438317.0 km2

Population : 32096000 inhabitants

  • Several archaeological sites.
  • The Arabian magic.
  • Insecurity.
  • Islamic law constraints.

Iraq: what to visit?


Arts and culture

Iraq: what to buy?


Iraq: what to eat?

Traditional Iraqi dishes are dolmas (vegetables stuffed with rice, meat and spices), tikkas (grilled mutton kebabs), quozis (stuffed lamb kebabs) and masgoufs (Tigris fish).
Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in open areas.
For food, go for cooked foodstuffs and sealed drinks.

Iraq: what are the cultural particularities?

Iraq is a new state on land nestled between the Mediterrenean Basin and the Far East, where the most ancient civilisations in history were developed.
Respect its religious and cultural traditions.
Low-cut tops and short dresses are ill-advisable.

Iraq: travel tips

The Foreign Affairs Minister urges tourists to signal their presence at the Embassy's consular services upon arriving Bagdad, as well as any trip outside the capital. In case of accident or incident, the consular office can be reached 24/24:
Satellite telephone: 00 870 600 357 540
Fax: 00 870 600 357 541
To call from Bagdad: 719 60 61/719.60.64
To call from outisde Baghdad: 01 719 60 61/01 719 60 64
To call from abroad: +964 1 719 60 61/964 1 719 60 64

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