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Along the west coast, you can see countless sea birds, such as the Atlantic puffin (see picture), Atlantic kittiwake (with their black edged wings) and Northern fulmars (a species of sea gull). In the sheltered bays and along the lakes, some bird species such as geese, swans, ducks and woodcocks make a stopover for the winter and subsequently return to Northern Europe, Russia, Greenland or Canada.

  • Birds , The puffin, the bird of the Irish cliffs. , Ireland
    The puffin, the bird of the Irish cliffs.

    Puffins are the masters of the cliffs on the west coast: one of the largest communities in the world lives on Little Skellig, off the coast of Kerry.

  • Birds , An owl, Ireland , Ireland
    An owl, Ireland

    Many owl species live in Ireland. This photo shows a magnificent example of this likeable raptor.

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  • Birds , Avifauna, Ireland , Ireland
    Avifauna, Ireland

    Close to 400 species of birds have been seen in Ireland, a large number of which are migratory birds

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  • Birds , Sea birds, Ireland , Ireland
    Sea birds, Ireland

    Ireland boasts a rich marine avifauna that mainly consists of colonies of marine birds established along the coasts.

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  • Birds , A swan, Ireland , Ireland
    A swan, Ireland

    A large number of these splendid animals can be seen in Ireland's many bodies of water. Many myths and legends based on these birds were created in the past.

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  • Birds , Irish sea birds , Ireland
    Irish sea birds

    Many diverse bird species nest on the cliffs of the Atlantic coast

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