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Ireland : Discover the country's culture


Dubliners: by James Joyce.
Plays by Samuel Beckett.


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The albums of Christy Moore.
Songs by The Cranberries band.

Ireland : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

4th Century BC: the Gaels, a Celtic people, invade Ireland.
432: Saint Patrick converts the country to Catholicism.
1169: the Anglo-Norman invasions begin.
1175: In the Windsor Treaty, Rory O'Connor, the last Irish king recognised the sovereignty of England.
18th and 19th Centuries: Ireland suffered from severe and deadly famines.
1850: over a million Irish migrated to the United States.
1916: the Sinn Fein (We Alone in Gaelic) attempted an aborted uprising.
1921: the island was split up into two with the independence of Ireland and the creation of Nothern Ireland attached to the UK.
1932: Eamon de Valera, a staunch advocate of full independence came to power and opposed the British.
1937: Ireland became the Republic of Ireland or Eire.
1948: the Republic of Ireland broke away from the Commonwealth.
1972: the Republic of Ireland joined the European Community.
1990: Mary Robinson, of the liberal left wing became president.
1992: Albert Reynolds became Prime Minister.
1994: a coalition government of the centre left was formed. John Bruton became Prime Minister.
1995: the law prohibiting divorce was abolished.
1997: Mary McAleese, a conservative of the Fianna Fail was voted President.
1998: 94.1% of the population voted Yes in the referendum on the Belfast peace plan.
April 2000: the peace plan was suspended with the resignation threat from Northern Ireland ministers given the timeline the British government gave to the IRA (Irish Republican Army) to disarm. The government of Tony Blair planned to take over control of the province temporarily.
March 2004: the anti-tobacco law was applied: it is forbidden to smoke in enclosed public spaces, including pubs and restaurants.
October 2004: President Mary McAleese was reelected for a new 7-year term.
2005: Cork was named the European cultural capital.
2011: The ongoing financial crisis places severe strain on the coalition government and parliament is dissolved.

Ireland : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st:New Year's Day.
Festival of Saint-Patrick.
March 17th:Saint-Patrick (National Day).
PanCeltic Festival at Kilkenny (festival celebrating Celtic culture).
Heineken Kinsale Sevens, international rugby tournament in Cork.
Galway Music Festival.
Bloomsday festival in Dublin. Celebration of the works of James Joyce.
Galway Film Festival.
Galway Arts Festival (music, dance, plays).
Lorient Interceltic Festival (France).
Kilkenny Arts Festival (music, dance, play).
Galway Oyster Festival.
Dublin Theatre Festival.
Cork Jazz Festival.
October 31st:Samhain Parade, Dublin Halloween procession.
December 25th:
Christmas Day.

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