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The omnipresent prairies do not prevent gorse bushes and heather from growing on the mountains. The Bantry Bay in Kerry County with its rather mild climate shelters certain Meditarranean and even tropical species, such as rhododendrons and lichens. The splendid Killarney National Park offers a multiplicity of flower and plant species. However, the Irish countryside, whose forests cover a mere 4% of the national territory, is very much exposed to strong winds.

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    The flora in Ireland

    Due to the atmospheric conditions, Irish flora is mostly made up of shrubs

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    Trees, Ireland

    Although the land is primarily used for grazing animals, Irish flora is very diverse.

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    Meadows and heathland, Ireland

    Typical landscape on the Green Island, dominated by heather.

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    Broom, Ireland

    The common broom is one of the country's most widespread wild plants

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    Marine plant life, Ireland

    Ireland is rich in water, which encourages the development of many aquatic and especially lake species

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    A four-leaf clover, Ireland

    This lucky charm is sometimes falsely considered to be the country's symbol (it was actually the three-leaf clover that St. Patrick used to explain the mystery of the Trinity)

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