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Ponies Ireland
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Ponies

Those found in the Connemara heaths or the Donegal hills have been tamed. Usually, they have grey-white coats although some are black or chestnut. The first of these ponies originated from the Alps and were probably brought in by the Celts. Since then, they have been crossbred with purebred Arab species. Enthusiasts should not miss the Connemara Pony Show which is held annually in mid-August in the small town of Clifden, not far from Galway.


Ponies , Irish horse breeds , Ireland
Irish horse breeds

Across the vast Irish plains, it is often possible to see ponies running free

Michael Steden / age fotostock
Ponies , Ireland and horses , Ireland
Ireland and horses

Horse breeding and horse races and fairs are all part of a popular tradition in the country

Michael Steden / age fotostock
Ponies , A white poney, Ireland , Ireland
A white poney, Ireland

One of the symbolic animals of the green island is, justifiably, the white poney.

Michael Steden / age fotostock
Ponies , Irish horses , Ireland
Irish horses

One of the most popular native breeds is the Irish Hunter, formerly used for hunting

sodapix / age fotostock
Ponies , Ireland: a white horse , Ireland
Ireland: a white horse

This splendid specimen is so beautiful that it looks as if it could have just stepped out of an Irish storybook

Ralph Braumer / age fotostock;
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