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Irish pubs, Pubs, Arts and culture, Dublin, Ireland
Irish pubs

A traditional pub: the word 'pub' is the abbreviation of 'public house', which refers to the social function that these premises once served within the Irish community.

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Pubs Ireland
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Pubs

These form a huge institution and they lie at the heart of Irish social life. Everyone seems to go to the pub after work and on Sundays. They are generally divided into two parts, the bar (traditionally meant for men) where you can empty your glass standing and the lounge (mixed), which is sometimes fitted with cosy sofas and alcoves to provide intimacy for couples. Take note, pubs close between 11:30pm and 12:30pm depending on the neighbourhood. Just before closing, clients are requested to finish their last drink by making a 'last call'!!! Finally, take not that since the law of March 2004, pubs, like the restaurants have become non-smoking areas.


Inside an Irish pub, Pubs, Arts and culture, Dublin, Ireland
Inside an Irish pub

A pint of Guinness at the bar: it's more than a beer, it's an institution.

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Pubs , An Irish pub , Ireland
An Irish pub

In Ireland, the pub is an integral part of the daily routine, constituting an opportunity to see friends, enjoy a beer, and read the paper.

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Pubs , An Irish pub , Ireland
An Irish pub

The colourful front door to one of the country's many "public houses"

Michel Megret / age fotostock
Eating in pubs, Pubs, Arts and culture, Dublin, Ireland
Eating in pubs

In pubs, it is also possible to enjoy some simple but tasty dishes, with recipes taken from popular tradition

Rohit Seth / 123RF
A pub in an Irish town, Pubs, Arts and culture, Dublin, Ireland
A pub in an Irish town

Tourists are always astounded by the friendliness of the Irish.

iStockphoto.com / Hans-Martens
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