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There are over half a million freely grazing on the grassy plateaus overlooking the lakes and ocean and they do not hesitate to wander along the small roads and cause traffic jams as they head back to the fold. There are several types of sheep which are acclimatized to Irish soil. Those with black heads and legs come from Scotland (they are bred more for their meat than for their wool). Those with the most prized wool are the Suffolk sheep (originating from that area of England), which can be recognized by their swollen fleece and white legs spotted with black.

  • Sheep , Ireland, the sheep , Ireland
    Ireland, the sheep

    A sheep quietly grazes next to a beach... Typical Irish scenery!

    BOUVET Laurent / age fotostock
  • Sheep , Ireland
    Richard Semik / 123RF
  • Sheep , Sheep farming, Ireland , Ireland
    Sheep farming, Ireland

    Sheep are primarily bred for their wool, but lamb and mutton are also traditional elements in Irish cuisine

    Joseph Sohm / Age Fotostock
  • Sheep , Sheep in Ireland , Ireland
    Sheep in Ireland

    Sheep are omnipresent on the island: you may even find that you get stuck behind a flock while in the car... All you can do then is wait until they pass by!

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  • Sheep , Ireland, the sheep , Ireland
    Ireland, the sheep

    Two sheep graze in a field of flowers

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    Wool, Ireland

    Wool is an item of great value in local crafts

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