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Discover The Donegal mountains. Ireland

Traces of the quaternary glaciers that covered the island can be seen in the northwest with the extensive "drumlin" hills, such as the Donegal Mountains. Ascending Mount Errigal, which is 2,467 ft high is well rewarded with a magnificent view of the coast, ocean, island, villages and the Glenveagh National Park. In the midst of some 25 thousand acres of heaths, marshes and rocks, the latter boasts deer and the barren Derryveagh Mountains.

  • The Donegal mountains, Ireland, The Donegal mountains., Landscapes, Ireland
    The Donegal mountains, Ireland

    Mount Errigal (752 metres) is the highest peak in the Donegal region.

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  • Donegal, The Donegal mountains., Landscapes, Ireland

    Donegal is a region with very marked characteristics, mainly due to its geographic location: it is, in fact, situated on the border with Ulster.

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  • The Donegal mountains. , A valley in Donegal , Ireland
    A valley in Donegal

    The Finn is one of the biggest rivers in the county and its valley is made up of a large part of the farming land of the Donegal region.

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  • The Donegal mountains. , Donegal: between rivers and streams , Ireland
    Donegal: between rivers and streams

    Donegal is rich in waterways, although there are few major rivers in the region

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  • The Donegal mountains, The Donegal mountains., Landscapes, Ireland
    The Donegal mountains

    The county is principally made up of plateaux and hills, interrupted here and there by irregular and isolated mountainous massifs of a considerable size.

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  • The Donegal mountains. , Mount Errigal, Ireland , Ireland
    Mount Errigal, Ireland

    Culminating at 752 metres, Mount Errigal is the highest summit in the county.

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