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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Tel-Aviv remains a largely unknown destination. But that fact is a shame, as it is definitely a city worth discovering! It is a city that never sleeps; restaurants, bars and cafes are always open and the youth in Tel Aviv is dynamic and trendy. Those who love shopping will find all the brands and all the shops that they could dream of here.
However, Tel-Aviv wishes to be seen, first and foremost, as a cultural city with many museums and exhibitions and in Israel, Tel Aviv is actually the city of choice for many artists and designers; they exhibit everywhere: in markets, bars, restaurants, galleries, etc.
The city is rich in history with the old city of Jaffa, south of Tel Aviv, and it remains an ideal destination for a long weekend, with its long sandy beach. All the ingredients are there for you to have a good time!

To see

If you have enough time, visit the nearby church of St Peter and the clock tower too. Other highlights include the Suzanne Delale Centre and the neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek (oasis of justice), which was one of Tel Aviv's first neighbourhoods. It was founded in 1887 by Aharon Chelouch, a businessman in the construction industry, so that he could leave the working class district of Jaffa.

There is also the Bauhaus-neighbourhood east of Tel-Aviv, which has been classed a Unesco World Heritage Site. An architectural movement from the 30's which originated in Germany, the Bauhaus buildings advocate the use of practical space and privilege interior comfort over aestheticism. They are usually square, white buildings which borde wide avenues, notably Avenue Rothschild.

If possible, do not miss a visit to the Yemeni Tel Aviv neighbourhood and the Akarmel souk. The Yemeni Jews settled in Tel Aviv long ago, but their neighborhood has remained completely unchanged. An ?oriental' atmosphere is guaranteed here, not only in the excellent restaurants serving Yemeni specialties, but in the souks where you can bargain as if you were in North Africa.

To do

Spend Shabbat day (Saturday) or evening walking around Tel-Aviv's old port. The docks have been modernised and you will find many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops. A family atmosphere reigns during the day on Saturday and a more ?youth' atmosphere takes over in the early evening.

On Friday morning, take a wander around the Jaffa Flee market where many artists come to sell and exhibit their work; it's a great outdoor bric-a-brac sale strewn over the small streets of the Old City and you are sure to make some unusual discoveries!

On Fridays, do not hesitate to walk along Nachalat Binyamin street, where there is a lively craft market which lasts all day. Artists from the city invade the pedestrian street where bright colours, unusual objects, practical objects and useless ones all compete to catch your eye! It is here that you will find everything typically ?Tel Avivian' gathered all together in one place on one day and you are likely to find many original souvenirs to take back with you.

For those of you who wish to find stores selling trendy clothes and shoes, go to Sheinkin street where all the young people in the city go. In fact, Tel-Aviv is an ideal city for shopping; you can find all the shops you could ever dream of in the Dizengof area (formerly known as the Champs- Élysées of Tel-Aviv) and there is a large shopping mall which offers a variety of different shops. For more luxurious shopping though, you can visit Kikar Hamedina Square, which can be compared to 5th Avenue in New York.

As for refreshments, if you want to have a drink on a terrace or a hot drink in a cafe, go to the Bazel district as the atmosphere of this district is like that of a small village.

As far as places to go out in the evening are concerned you will be spoilt for choice: Neve Tzedek offers a multitude of cool bars and Lillenblum street is dotted with restaurants, bars, and clubs, where each one is more unusual than the other (Nanouchka, Minch Minch) The docks are also buzzing with young people in the evenings, especially on Fridays and Saturdays.


  • +  A dynamic city that never sleeps
  • +  It has a beautiful sandy beach
  • +  The village and port of Jaffa
  • +  Lots of sunshine
  • +  The Bauhaus heritage


  • -  Modern city, regardless of the scenery
  • -  Not the best service in the hotels
  • -  The prices during July and August
  • -  The understandable security checks

To think about

Remember to staple the entry form in your passport, you will be asked to submit it upon leaving. Be aware that Saturday is a holiday for the Jews, so many shops will be closed.

To avoid

This is for the ladies: you must avoid wearing skirts which are too short and you should keep your hair covered up during Shabbat and in religious places.

To try

The cuisine is international, as Jews from all different countries have brought their cuisine with them. This means that you can enjoy a host of Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Lebanese and Oriental dishes all in one country and that you will find many restaurants which offer this and other specialities from French, Italian and Japanese cuisine. However, the typical diet in Tel-Aviv often consists of Falafel, houmous and kebabs.

To bring back

Your basket of souvenirs will probably be a bit full by now, but you can always bring back objects made from olive wood or pearls, and you can even bring back wicker baskets as some villages make the baskets. If you're looking for religious objects as souvenirs, you can buy kippas and mezouzas, and of course you will be able to find jewellery pieces decorated with the lucky eye which can make a nice souvenir. As for the cuisine, the smell of spices will titillate your sense of smell and you'll want to bring some spices back with you!

Weather Tel-Aviv

These indicators are used as a set of criteria to predict overall weather conditions in Tel-Aviv . The different indicators are there to help you prepare for your trip to Tel-Aviv so you can make plans based on the weather forecast, whether it be a trip to the beach, walking, visiting attractions and museums or winter sports... Here you'll find a precise, overall weather score for each week in Tel-Aviv , which takes into account temperature indicators, bad weather predictions, sunshine levels and wind speeds.

Weather June
Overall rating 90/100
  • Temperature indicators 84% Hot / Optimal

    The maximum temperature is <24°, temperature felt between 30°C and 33°C.

  • Bad weather indicators 100% Dry / Optimal

    Little or no rain (less than 1.5mm per day).

  • Sunbathing indicators 86% Sunny / Optimal

    Sunny (over 80% sunshine).

  • Swimming indicators 94% Very pleasant / Optimal

    High air temperature (>24°C), high sea temperature (>24°C), light to moderate winds (between 7 mph and 12 mph).

  • Wind indicators 92% Light breeze / Optimal

    Optimal comfort: optimal wind speed (between 7 mph and 12 mph) in a warm environment (>24°C).

  • Humidity indicators 68% Normal

    Slight feeling of discomfort due air humidity registering higher than 65%.

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