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For centuries, Abruzzo, a land rich in agricultural and rural resources, was fought over by the Italians before the region was conquered by the Romans in the 4th century BC, who then established many colonies here. Abruzzo is now dotted with relics of Roman cities, necropolises and ancient fortifications. It is full of sites dating back to the Pre-Roman and Roman eras, like Amiternum, six miles from Aquila, where ruins from the Augustan period are still visible, including an ancient theatre and amphitheatre. The village of San Vittorino, where it is possible to visit the most beautiful early-Christian catacombs of Abruzzo, rises on the hill dominating Amiternum. The remains of Alba Fucens, an ancient Italian city, should also not be missed. The city benefits from its excellent position overlooking the valleys surrounding it. The Capestrano Warrior and other Roman vestiges are preserved at the National Archaeological Museum in Chieti. A symbol of Abruzzo, this statue dates from the 4th century BC.

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