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One of the most visited and loved countries in the world, Italy has been written about perhaps more than any other place in the world, which is understandable as there is simply so much to say! From its renowned cuisine to its fine arts and from its trend-setting fashion to its religion (that's Catholicism and football) the topics are almost endless. Here are some of the finest specialist blogs on la dolce vit0a!
  • Culture
    Bleeding Espresso

    [ Bleeding Espresso ]

    by Michelle Fabio
    Comments: This American attorney left law behind to enjoy the simple life in Italy. She now lives there with her husband, writing about Italian culture.  Strong point: Her posts focus on how foreign culture changes your perspective and attitude.
  • Culture
    50 Years in Italy

    [ 50 Years in Italy ]

    by Mary Jane Cryan
    Comments: Writer and historian Mary Cryan has lived in Italy since 1965 and from her palazzo near Rome she writes all about central Italy.  Strong point: Made to feel like you are standing right by Mary's side on her travels!
  • Culture
    My Sardinian Life

    [ My Sardinian Life ]

    by Jennifer Avventura
    Comments: This Canadian expat traveled the world before settling down in Sardinia. Check her out for the real scoop on Italy's dolce vita.  Strong point: The georgeous photos from this beautiful Mediterranean island!
  • Culture

    [ ArtTrav ]

    by Alexandra Korey
    Comments: This Florence-based blogger writes on all parts of Italy. Subscribing to the ideals of Slow Travel, she gives real insight into the local culture.  Strong point: The thoughtful context, interpretation, and explanation.
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    Italy travel notes

    [ Italy travel notes ]

    by Italy travel notes team
    Comments: The blog has a large section on food and wine looking at it from different points of view: regions, cooking vs going out to eat, classic recipes etc.  Strong point: In depth articles, well written by passionate contributors.
  • Food
    On the Wine Trail in Italy

    [ On the Wine Trail in Italy ]

    by Alfonso Cevola
    Comments: This wine enthusiast splits his time between Italy, Texas, and California, searching for the perfect wine and sharing his passion with others.  Strong point: His writing always reveals the magic of a good wine shared among friends.
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    Life in Abruzzo

    [ Life in Abruzzo ]

    by The Life in Abruzzo team
    Comments: Life in Abruzzo is a holiday guide with ideas and tips to explore this undiscovered part of central Italy.  Strong point: Their festivals page details all the cultural events the locals enjoy.
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    Italian Notes

    [ Italian Notes ]

    by Mette Vaabengaard
    Comments: A tour of Italy's best draws, from wine tours in Florence to door knockers in Abruzzo  Strong point: Professional, well-written and with great images
  • Culture
    Becoming Italian Word by Word

    [ Becoming Italian Word by Word ]

    by Dianna Hales
    Comments: A great site for those learning Italian with examples and cultural references as well as images and videos with a list of vocab at the end  Strong point: Focus on traditions helps to contextualise the vocab
  • Photos
    Rome Photo Blog

    [ Rome Photo Blog ]

    by Jessica Stewart
    Comments: A look at daily Roman life by photographer/art historian. A mix of illustrative shots and art demonstrates a keen eye and sense of humour  Strong point: Special section on street art with detailed descriptions
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    A Dusty Olive Green

    [ A Dusty Olive Green ]

    by Birgitte Brøndsted
    Comments: This Danish expat photographer captures the romance and whimsy of Europe's most charming cities. Her life feels like a magazine photo shoot.  Strong point: Her thoroughly researched city guides on Florence, Rome, and Copenhagen.
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