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South of Olbia, on the east coast of Sardinia, the small tourist resorts of San Teodoro and Budoni have a high number of club hotels. It is a far cry from the built up coast, however. While the villages themselves are not very interesting, the region offers beautiful landscapes, starting with the beaches. To the north of San Teodoro stretches the lagoon of the same name, which is overrun by flamingos and bordered by the beautiful white sandy beach of La Cinta, lapped by the turquoise water. A little further north, Lu Impostu Beach is just as magnificent. The coastline surrounding San Teodoro has the added bonus of facing the magnificent Tavolara Island, spectacular on the horizon. To the south of Budoni, the beach of Porto Ainu, among others, particularly caught our eye. This seaside resort also has the big advantage of being within easy reach of Costa Smeralda to the north and Baronia and Barbagia to the south.

Budoni: what to do?

North of San Teodoro, the Capo Coda Cavallo offers stunning views of the coast and Tavolara Island. It is not too far and is great for walks. In the south, you should visit Posada, a charming village perched on a little rocky peak. Not to be missed!

Sardinia offers many different landscapes. The coast is a succession of beautiful beaches interspersed with impressive granite headlands, while inland the mountains are green, sometimes untamed and sometimes rural.

  • The resort is within easy reach of North and East Sardinia.
  • The large beaches
  • The villages lack charm


It would be a shame not to leave your hotel while on holiday in Sardinia. Therefore even if the trips are quite expensive, don't forget to include them in your budget. Even if it's just a visit to The Maddalena archipelago.

To avoid

If possible, visit Sardinia in May, June or September and not in high season (July/August). It will be cooler, and, more importantly, it is the best way to avoid the crowds at the tourist sites.

Budoni: what to eat?

Here you can enjoy all the Sardinian specialities, including porceddu (suckling pig), pasta alle vongole (spaghetti with clams), mirto liqueur and pecorino cheese, as well as Italian food in general.

Budoni: what to buy?

Craft lovers will find cork and wicker objects, pottery and jewellery. However, it's the culinary delights that are likely to weigh down your suitcase: pecorino cheese, coppa, ham, wine and mirto liqueur.

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  • 7.4 /10
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    A nice small hotel, that offers quality entertainment, welcome ...

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    Hotel Hotel 4 Etoile(s)

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