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In the south of Italy, there is no question of going for fast food: gathering together around a meal is a genuine pleasure and it is imperative to eat slowly. Upon arrival, you might ask yourself where you will find the best pizza. The answer is undoubtedly in Naples, where pizza was born. Another speciality of the region is mozzarella, a cheese made from buffalo milk. Fish and mussels are also some of the mainstays of the local cuisine. Campania is a fertile region where various types of crops are grown: lemon trees, orange trees, olive trees, etc. The lemons from these trees are used to make a delicious liqueur called Limoncello, made using water, alcohol, sugar and lemon peels. To accompany your dishes, try the famous 'Lacrima Cristi' (tears of Christ) wine produced in the vineyards at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, and finish off the meal with 'sfogliatella', a flaky pastry filled with vanilla or cinnamon-flavoured ricotta and candied fruit, accompanied with a 'café', per favore?

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