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Caorle Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Caorle

The borders of the ancient historical town of Caorle, with its Roman cathedral and cylindrical bell tower, give way to more modern structures as you get closer to the town centre . The many hotels, camp sites and seaside resorts can be found slightly further north and near to the lagoon. Here you will find a peaceful oasis where the water flows past the windswept reeds and where straw fishing huts can be seen dotted here and there.


Caorle , The coasts of Caorle , Italy
The coasts of Caorle

The town of Caorle boasts 11 miles of shoreline along the Adriatic

Peter Eckert / 123RF
Caorle , Fishing, Caorle , Italy
Fishing, Caorle

For centuries, fishing has been the town's main source of income: to this day, it celebrates the Festival of Fish every September, where you will find plenty of gourmet cuisine.

Peter Eckert / 123RF
Caorle , Italy

A closed courtyard between the houses, a typical feature of Italian village architecture

Milos Kral / 123RF
Caorle , Lido de Jesolo beach , Italy
Lido de Jesolo beach

Caorle easily creates a link between the seaside resort season and its especially interesting historical centre: its beaches have been flying the 'Blue Flag' since 1992

Peter Eckert / 123RF
Caorle , Caorle's historical centre , Italy
Caorle's historical centre

Caorle's historical centre is characterised by countless little brightly coloured houses

Walter71 / 123RF
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