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…difices romains Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover …difices romains

Recognising the strategic importance of the region, the Romans took it over and founded Augusta Praetoria in the 1st†century. If you follow the trail of the ancient Consular Route of the Gauls, you will be surprised by the amount of Roman constructions which can still be seen. Pont-Saint-Martin, a city located a few miles from the border with Piedmont, takes its name from a Roman bridge which is still perfectly intact. In Donnas, a little further north, you can walk on the cobblestone route taken by the Gauls and pass under a Roman arch that has been sculpted into the rock. Aosta is strewn with structures from the Roman period: the Arco d'Augusto (August Arch), the Porta Praetoria (Praetorian Gates), and the Criptoportico Forense (a part of the forum).

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…difices romains

…difices romains , Aosta's Roman theatre , Italy
Aosta's Roman theatre

Aosta's Roman theatre dates from the era of the emperor Claude. The theatre's main characteristic is its large monumental faÁade, measuring twenty-two meters high

© OT Valle d'Aosta
…difices romains , Porta Praetoria, Aosta , Italy
Porta Praetoria, Aosta

Built in 25 BC, it serves as the main entrance into the ancient town of Aosta.

© OT Valle d'Aosta
…difices romains , Italy
Roman ruins, Aoste Valley

Roman ruins still remain throught the towns of the region.

© OT Valle d'Aosta
…difices romains , The cryptoporticus of the Aosta forum , Italy
The cryptoporticus of the Aosta forum

It consists of a gallery with two naves, with three sides, and a quadrangular plan: sturdy tuff pillars support the solid arcades surmounted by vaults.

© OT Valle d'Aosta
…difices romains , Aosta, a Roman city , Italy
Aosta, a Roman city

This photo displays one of the many testimonies of Aosta's Roman origins

© OT Valle d'Aosta
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