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Fresh Pasta Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Fresh Pasta

Although much of Basilicata is mountainous and therefore not especially well suited to agriculture, the cultivation of cereal crops is relatively widespread. Pasta is the staple of the local diet and is made in different shapes and in different thicknesses which vary from town to town. Tapparelle, manate, firricieddi, rascatielli, and purcedduzz are just a few examples of the thousands of types of pasta that the women of Lucania still make by hand using traditional methods. Flours ground from chickpeas, pulses, durum wheat, broad beans, and barley are used to make 'Mischiglio', a dish that is typical to Fardella, Teana, and Calvera. Some of the region's restaurants will sure to have it feature on their menus. However, the best way to taste the many different varieties of pasta here is to go to one of the popular festivals that are organised in throughout the summer season.

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Fresh Pasta

Fresh Pasta , Italy
Fresh Pasta Serezniy / 123RF
Fresh Pasta , Italy
Fresh Pasta Maksim Shebeko
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