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    Friuli Venezia Giulia
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The Friulian and Julian coastline between Trieste and the south-west coastline at the Venetian border is an uninterrupted string of beaches. Of these, Grado is best-suited to slightly older travellers, Lignano is better for young people, and Marano Lagunare is the best option for nature-lovers.


The region's cuisine boasts a blend of flavours from both the mountains and the Mediterranean, as well as plenty of flavour. It is also inspired by Viennese-style pastries. With the Alps in the north, seaside resorts in the south and an Austro-Hungarian influence with the city of Trieste in the east, this region boasts dishes that are as varied as its landscapes and cultures. When trying the antipastis, start with the San Danielo ham, which those from the Friuli region claim to be the best ham in Italy. Next you can give 'Frico' a try, a mix of pan-fried cheese and potatoes. Soup is a very important dish here too. Made with vegetables, particularly turnips, and flour, Juta is one of the most traditional soups. As for the pastries of Friuli, they include 'Sacher' and the 'Dobos', two Austrian specialities. Among the many choices of wine, try a glass of Bassano del Grappa or Valipolicella, if nothing else.

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