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Handmade crafts , Sardinian wall art , Italy
Sardinian wall art

You'll find various examples of wall art all over Sardinia, both in houses and on walls such as this one in Santa Teresa Gallura.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
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Handmade crafts Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Handmade crafts

Wicker baskets, items made with cork, napkins, tablecloths and place mats, the Sardinian arts and crafts trade is well worth discovering during your stay. All the crafts here are made using traditional methods, and make for perfect souvineers.

What characterises Sardinia the most, though, and which you will find everywhere - in the streets, the shops, the hotels and the houses - are wall paintings. Stencilled or done by hand, Sardinian wall paintings vary considerably, from traditional art work to innovative new designs.

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Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts , Pottery and cork work , Italy
Pottery and cork work

A fine layer of cork sourced from Sardinia's holm oak forests is often put around the pottery.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
Handmade crafts , Sardinian design , Italy
Sardinian design

Traditional Sardinian plates and dishes are painted with the designs often found on walls and table cloths around the island.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
Handmade crafts , Sardinia's hotels and handicrafts , Italy
Sardinia's hotels and handicrafts

Some of the island's hotels are happy to showcase local arts and crafts, as is the case of the lovely Luci di La Muntagna in Porto Cervo.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
Handmade crafts , Dorgali handicrafts , Italy
Dorgali handicrafts

The tourist town of Dorgali, in the central-eastern part of the island, is renowned for its handicrafts.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
Handmade crafts , Arazzi , Italy

It really is difficult to avoid the textile pieces produced in Sardinia, particularly the so-called 'arazzi' tapestries.

© Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
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