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Le Gargano Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Le Gargano

From the Adriatic Sea, the Gargano peninsula appears as a huge headland from the backcountry like a rough and insidious area. Its remoteness has provoked a host of myths and legends over the centuries. Olive and orange trees grow on its rocky, sun-soaked hills. Pine tree forests stretch out almost to the sea, where steep jagged rocks plunge into the water. The road between Lake Lesina and Manfredonia offers some superb views that embrace the cliffs, little sandy creeks and the sea. The wind has moulded the rocks and given them their weird and wonderful shapes. Near Vieste, not far from here, is the Architiello (little arch) and the menhir of Pizzomunno, a monolith which stands a few metres from the beach. A bit further south, in Mattinata, you will find several other idyllic spots, including the wonderful Zagare Bay.

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Le Gargano

Le Gargano , Italy
Le Gargano Remi Dubus
Le Gargano , Italy
Le Gargano Remi Dubus
Le Gargano , Italy
Le Gargano Remi Dubus
Le Gargano , Italy
Le Gargano Remi Dubus
Le Gargano , Italy
Le Gargano Remi Dubus
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