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Located in the northwestern part of Italy, Liguria has borders with France in the west, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna in the north, and Tuscany in the south. It is a narrow strip of land squeezed in between the mountains and the Ligurian Sea. The coastline is a succession of cities and small market towns, some of which are surrounded by a bay or port, while others are perched atop the steep slopes of the cliffs. In this region, the locals have always had a strong bond with the sea, from which they have been able to draw sustenance and wealth.

Liguria: the key figures

Surface area : 5421.0 km2

Population : 1614924 inhabitants

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Liguria: what to visit?


  • The 'Cinque Terre' region , Italy
    The 'Cinque Terre' region
  • Tigullio Gulf , Italy
    Tigullio Gulf
  • Paradise Gulf , Paradise Golf Club , Italy
    Paradise Gulf
  • Ponant Riviera , Italy
    Ponant Riviera
  • Ponant Riviera , Italy


  • San Lorenzo Cathedral , The Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genoa , Italy
    San Lorenzo Cathedral
  • Via Garibaldi , Italy
    Via Garibaldi
  • Via Garibaldi , Italy


  • Pesto , Italy
  • Focaccia and farinata , Italy
    Focaccia and farinata
  • Focaccia and farinata , Italy


  • On the trail of the Ligurians , In the footsteps of the Ligurians , Italy
    On the trail of the Ligurians
  • On the trail of the Ligurians , In the footsteps of the Ligurians , Italy

Liguria: what to buy?

The streets of Genoa are full of colourful characters and all sorts of boutiques: from those selling ethnic clothing to just usual everyday stuff, there are also some that deal exclusively in second hand items and local craftwork.
If you want something a bit more chic, head for via XX settembre, or the via Venti, as it is known to locals.

Liguria: what to eat?

Despite what one may think, the local cuisine isn't all that centred around fish, and yet it boasts all of the culinary wonders one may expect from a Mediterranean region.

Pesto is a typically Genoese speciality made with a very specific variety of basil that only grows in Pra, a neighbourhood in Genoa. Add pine nuts to the basil, a bit of garlic, a few spoonfuls of parmesan, and, if you want, some grated sheep's milk cheese. All of these ingredients, together with a few grains of coarse salt and extra virgin olive oil, are to be crushed in a traditional marble mortar with a traditional wooden pestle. All of the trattorias in the historical centre offer pesto-based pasta and soup dishes, and you can even buy a jar of the sauce in one of the numerous shops that sell traditionally prepared gastronomic specialities.

During your stay in Genoa, try and stop at a Focacceria. Presented on hot plates, there are several types of focaccia: plain, or with cheese, onions, or potatoes. Soft and delicious, the Genoese eat them at all times of the day. Another speciality you should try is the farinata, a sort of very thin tart made with chick pea flour.

Liguria: travel tips

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