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Liguria is a thin stretch of land pushing out in an arch towards the sea and boasts a series of steep cliffs, small coves, and beaches. You should definitely try and see the 'Cinque Terre' region. The traffic in the summer is almost unbearable unfortunately, but it's well worth it once you get there.


Ligurian cuisine reflects the unique colours and scents of the sea and the Genovese coasts. A recipe known around the world is of course 'pesto alla genovese'. It is the main seasoning in many dishes and especially pasta, trenette and gnocchi. Along the Ligurian coast, the typical dish is cappon magro; it is made with sea bass and lobster and then served with vegetables. Inland, the most famous dish is risotto with sweet chestnuts and milk, whilst in the Cinque Terre the locals eat veal tripe cooked in olive oil and seasoned with pepper. For dessert, try the Paciugo: chocolate ice cream served with fruit and topped with whipped cream and cherry-flavoured syrup.


Genoa has several museums. Via Garibaldi is a historical art-filled street that is known for its Red, White, and Tursi Palaces. An architectural and cultural masterpiece, it has become a real "street-museum" with its antique artwork. If you prefer things to be a bit more recent, head for the Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, which houses more than 3,000 pieces of abstract art from Italy and beyond, from the second half of the 20th century. To discover the history of the Ligurians, who were the first inhabitants of northern Italy, the Ligure Museum of Archaeology gives you the chance the discover this ancient world. At the Marble Museum of Carrara (in Tuscany) you will also find sculptures dating back to this period. Finally, Genoa being a port city, it has very strong ties with the sea and is renowned for its fantastic Aquarium: the largest of its kind in Italy and the second largest in Europe. Here you can see dolphins, sharks, seals, turtles and more. A visit to the Sea Museum, the largest and most innovative maritime museum in all of the Mediterranean, is also worth the trip.

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