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The coastline of Molise is not even 25 miles long, but its considerably-sized fine sand beaches that look out onto the Adriatic sea are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Archaeological sites

Samnites, Romans, Lombards... Many a culture has left their mark here.


Molise cuisine, much like the gastronomy of Abruzzo, is centred around meat and pasta. You will also discover several different kinds of cooked meats and cheese during your stay here. One of the classic dishes served in the region is Fascadielle, a polenta stew. 'Nirvi e musse' are a type of appetiser made with seasoned veal snout and white celery. Another dish that you should definitely try is the maccheroni. Also originating from here is the very famous olio santo, an extra-virgin spicy olive oil. In terms of desserts, Cancelle are pastries that are similar to German waffles but with added fennel seeds. During the Easter period you will often find Pigna, a traditional bread with almonds that is similar to Ciambella but with a harder crust.

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