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Palace of Caserta , The Fountain of Diana and Actaeon. , Italy
The Fountain of Diana and Actaeon.

The last fountain in the park tells the story of the meeting of Diana and Actaeon, who was turned into a stag for having seen the goddess naked.

© Danilo Ascione / 123RF
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Palace of Caserta Italy
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Palace of Caserta

Commissioned by Charles VII of Naples, who requested its construction in 1751, Caserta Palace is a triumph of splendour. The five storeys of the imposing building are structured around four courtyards, and the most grandiose façade opens onto a huge park. Not one to watch his pennies, the king asked Luigi Vanvitelli, the architect who designed the building, to create a royal palace to rival all the rest in Europe, in particular Versailles. The end result, after 22 years of work, was 1,200 rooms, 34 staircases, theatres, and chapels, all luxuriously decorated. At the top of the main staircase, you can access the opulent Palatine Chapel and royal apartments, but the most exciting part of the visit is probably the park, whose fountains, cascades, and waterfalls stretch for almost two miles and are surrounded by lush green vegetation.

Palace of Caserta

Palace of Caserta , The fountain of the Palais de Caserte , Italy
The fountain of the Palais de Caserte

The basins between the Italian and English gardens in the Palais de Caserte park.

© Antonio Gravante / 123RF
Palace of Caserta , The Fountain of Aeolus , Italy
The Fountain of Aeolus

The Fountain of Aeolus is a monumental piece made of Carrare marble by numerous sculptors.

© Ciro Amedeo Orabona / 123RF
Palace of Caserta , The façade of the Palais de Caserte , Italy
The façade of the Palais de Caserte

Once part of the Bourbons de Naples royal family, the Palais de Caserte is an example of the Italian Baroque style

© Vincenzo De Bernardo / 123RF
Palace of Caserta , The grand staircase , Italy
The grand staircase

The grand staircase has 116 steps.

© Temistocle Lucarelli / 123RF
Palace of Caserta , The architecture of the Royal Palace , Italy
The architecture of the Royal Palace

The construction of the Palace of Caserta cost 6 million ducats and the labour of up to 3000 workers.

© Gianluca Pisano /123RF
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