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With varying landscapes lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, an extensive coastline runs along the perimeters of Apulia, Italy's most easternly region is the latest to steal the hearts of the British public.
  • Puglia, Italy
    © Zdenek Matyas / 123RF
  • Puglia, Italy
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Full of arid wheat fields, vast expanses criss-crossed with stone walls, beautiful beaches, and the traces of an ancient and marvellous history, this region deserves to be thoroughly explored: on the winding roads of Murgia, through the narrow streets of its towns, and along the seafront. Varying landscapes, diverse accents and dialects, and rich cuisine, is all what awaits visitors to Puglia.

Puglia: the key figures

Surface area : 19358.0 km2

Population : 4079702 inhabitants

Puglia: what to visit?


  • Le massif sub-apennin Dauno , Italy
    Le massif sub-apennin Dauno
  • Le Gargano , Italy
    Le Gargano
  • La Murgia , Trulli , Italy
    La Murgia
  • La Murgia , Trulli , Italy


  • Le Salento , Italy
  • La côte de Bari , Italy
    Bari coast
  • La côte du Gargano , Italy
    Gargano coast
  • La côte du Gargano , Italy

Archaeological sites

  • , Prehistory of Bisceglie, Archaeological sites, Puglia
    Prehistory of Bisceglie
  • , Cannes, Archaeological sites, Puglia
  • Amphithéâtres romains , Italy
    Roman amphitheatres
  • Amphithéâtres romains , Italy


  • Le Castel Monte , Castel del Monte , Italy
    Monte Castle
  • La Cathédrale de Lecce , The Cathedral of Lecce , Italy
    Leece Cathedral
  • La cathédrale de Trani , The Cathedral of Trani , Italy
    Trani Cathedral
  • La cathédrale de Trani , The Cathedral of Trani , Italy


  • Turnip orecchiette, Enogastronomy, Puglia
    Turnip orecchiette
  • , Horse chops, Enogastronomy, Puglia
    Horse chops
  • Taranto mussel soup, Enogastronomy, Puglia
    Taranto mussel soup
  • Taranto mussel soup, Enogastronomy, Puglia

Puglia: what to buy?

In terms of things to buy, Apulia is above all a destination for food lovers. Visitors can bring back some real gourmet products from the region: dried tomatoes, ricotta, olive oil, wine, etc. Ceramics objects (plates, dishes, decorative figurines). And more 'classic' items in Bari: clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags and accessories. One of the best shopping streets in this city is Via Sparano. Being a pedestrian zone, you can wander around in peace.

Puglia: what to eat?

ORECCHIETTE WITH TURNIP TOPS Homemade orecchiette (a typical type of pasta) with turnip tops, a few anchovies, and a hint of chilli (added according to your spice tolerance). One of Apulia's classic recipes, it is at its best between January and April (turnip season).

Although 'braciole' in Italian means 'chops', in Apulia this dish is nothing like braised pork chops. Horse 'braciole' are horse meat escalopes seasoned with sheep's cheese, garlic, parsley and chopped onions, and then cooked in a tomato sauce. It's a typical dish within the region, and is often prepared for special occasions, like weddings and parties.

You can't go to Taranto and not taste the mussels. Buy them fresh and already washed, then simmer them in a tomato sauce. Once they're cooked, sprinkle them with croutons.

Puglia: travel tips

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