The crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, comparable only to Caribbean lagoons. A mountainous hinterland perfect for adventurers. A culture rich in traditions. It's not difficult to spot the secrets to Sardinia's touristic success.
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A European treasure

A treasured holiday destination, even amongst Italians, Sardinia is one of Europe's greatest pearls. Crystal clear water and some of Italy's finest sand beaches attract visitors from all over the world year after year, whilst its enviable position far from the mainland has left it free to develop a unique culture just as captivating as the gently lapping Mediterranean Sea.

A culture of invasion

With its strategically important position in the centre of the Mediterranean, Sardinia has always been at the heart of the many invasions and counterinvasions that plagued Europe for many long centuries. Amongst the various people who have made the island their home, we find Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, all of whom have left their own mark on Sardinia.

All natural

Nature is one of the island's most important assets, from its picturesque coastline, surrounded by blue water with pink rocks hiding just beneath, to the lusciously green mountains which populate its interior. It may have a small land mass, but Sardinia is without doubt one of Italy's wildest regions, with rocky peaks emerging from an almost arid landscapes and forests stretching uninterrupted for miles up steep mountainsides.

Beach tourism

It may have a wild interior, but Sardinia owes most of its economic success to seaside tourism. It started off in the area around Alghero in the 1950s and slowly extended towards the Costa Smeralda, in the north-east. This gorgeous stretch of coast quickly became one of the island's most visited areas, gathering many of the world's most luxurious establishments and attracting jet setters from all over the world.

Capital Cagliari

The province of Cagliari extends over much of the island, covering the large swathe of land from Nuoro in the north to the Carbonia-Iglesias in the extreme south west. The eponymous capital of the region is a real treat for both architecture and vitality, a city that must be discovered on foot whether you wander through the narrow streets of the centre or along the seafront. The province is also one of the most popular places on the island to enjoy the sea, with some of the best beaches including Poetto, Tueredda and Porto Piscinni.

Charming towns

As you descend towards the south-western tip of Sardinia, you'll come across charming towns such as Pula, Santa Margerita di Pula, Chia and the intimate Porto Pino, part of the Carbonia-Iglesias province and known for its picture-perfect beaches. To the east of Cagliari, head out on the open road to the coastal village of Villasimius. Once a small fishing village, it now holds a myriad of bars, cafés and boutiques to entertain the many tourists who come to enjoy its white sands and beautiful harbour in the summer.

Sardinia: the key figures

Surface area : 9301.0 km2

Population : 1670219 inhabitants

  • Wild nature.
  • The Costa Smeralda creeks.
  • Expensive accommodation.
  • The limited number of historic sites.

Sardinia: what to visit?


  • La Isla Tavolara , Italy
    La Isla Tavolara
  • The Barbagia , Italy
    The Barbagia
  • The Gallura , Italy
    The Gallura
  • The Gallura , Italy


  • The Gulf of Asinara , Italy
    The Gulf of Asinara
  • Porto Conte bay , The bay of Porto Conte, Sardinia , Italy
    Porto Conte bay
  • Santa Margherita di Pula , The Bay of Orosei , Italy
    Santa Margherita di Pula
  • Le Capo Testa , Italy
    Le Capo Testa
  • Archipelago di La Maddalena , Italy
    Archipelago di La Maddalena
  • Poetto , Italy
  • Poetto , Italy

The fauna and flora

  • Vegetation , Prickly pears , Italy
  • Wildlife , The Sardinian wildlife , Italy
  • Wildlife , The Sardinian wildlife , Italy

Arts and culture

  • The museums , The EXMA in Cagliari , Italy
    The museums
  • Handmade crafts , Sardinian wall art , Italy
    Handmade crafts
  • Handmade crafts , Sardinian wall art , Italy


  • The Nuragic Towers , Italy
    The Nuragic Towers
  • Barumini , Italy
  • The ruins of Santa Cristina , Italy
    The ruins of Santa Cristina
  • The ruins of Santa Cristina , Italy

Sardinia: what to buy?

You can bring back gourmet specialties, like olive oil, sauce and condiments, dried pasta, honey, panettone and almond biscuits. Fans of Italian fashion offers something for every taste, among some of the desinger luxury brands like Gucci, Moschino and Prada. There are also some lovely coral jewels and a ceramics available, perfect for presents and keepsakes. Shops are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm during the week.

Sardinia: what to eat?

Italian cuisine is undoubtedly a big part of its appeal. Start with the antipasti, a varied appetizer made of seafood, marinated eggplants, artichokes and herrings soaked in oil. Try the pasta, lasagna or the countless types of raviolis and then for your main meal opt for a seafood dish (preferably swordfish, bream or mackerel) or something meat-based (lamb, stuffed veal shoulder or grilled beef). If you want to taste real Italian pizza, order it plain and simple, with just tomato and mozarella. As for wine, you will not only find chianti and frascati, but also salerno of Naples, marsala of Sicily and cannonau from Sardinia.

Sardinia: what are the cultural particularities?

In Italy you can spend your evening roaming the streets. It is a tradition, 'the passeggiata' or evening stroll where you meet and chat with people (and those conversations may continue late into the night in huge outdoor cafés). It is also your ultimate chance to enjoy one of the famous Italian ice creams!
You can actually bargain in the markets when you're buying souvenirs; start by asking the price from the seller, then offer him two-thirds of the amount. However, do not bargain for the sake of it, you should buy the item once the trader accepts your offer.

Sardinia: travel tips

The tip of the southwest of Sardinia is one of the most beautiful places on the island where the cliffs slope down sharply into the sea,making for a spectacular display at sunset. To avoid missing out on this impressive panorama, head to Sant'Antioco coast opposite the San Pedro island at the end of the day.

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