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Although the highest peak of Sardinia does not rise above 1,400m, the island offers a variety of landscapes perfumed with the fragrance of garrigues and maquises. The interior of the island has maintained its rustic character, best experienced if you stay at one of the inns and indulge in traditional Sardinian products, cold cuts, cheese and skewered roast meat.


The coasts are one of the main reasons why people travel to Sardinia. Although the Costa Esmeralda, the origin of Sardinian tourism in the 1960s, has become less popular over time, its creeks lined with crystal clear water remain just as warm and welcoming as they ever were. To get a true picture of Sardinia's authenticity, however, try and stay to the west or the south of the island. Despite the small number of beaches, its charm lies mainly in its impressive cliffs.

The fauna and flora

The different flower varieties are fairly typical of the Mediterranean landscape. Sardinia is also home to numerous animal breeders and small farms (which mainly produce meat and cheese perfumed with maquis).

Arts and culture

As is often the case with islands, Sardinia has managed to proudly preserve nearly all of its traditions.

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