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The museums , The EXMA in Cagliari , Italy
The EXMA in Cagliari

Cagliari's former slaughterhouses were turned into the cultural centre of 'EXMA', a communal centre for art and culture and a place for exhibitions and gatherings.

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The museums Italy
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The museums

At Cagliari, visit the National Museum of Archeology located at Via Fiume. There you will see Phoenician statues, Roman glassware, and an impressive collection of nuragic bronzeware. The Pinacoteca Nazionale sits adjacent to the museum, and exhibits religious paintings of the Middle Age and the Baroque era. At Nuoro, visit the Costume Museum on the Via Mereu where you will discover a vast collection of traditional costumes. If you are a lover of contemporary art, visit the Art Museum of the Nuor Province located on Via Manara where you will find a display of works by local artists.

The museums

The museums , Museo Nazionale G.A. Sanna in Sassari , Italy
Museo Nazionale G.A. Sanna in Sassari

The National Archaeological Museum of Sassari is devoted to the history of Sardinia from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages.

© OT Sardaigne
The museums , Nivola Museum in Orani , Italy
Nivola Museum in Orani

Created in the former communal laundry facilities, the very beautiful Museum of Orani is dedicated to the work of sculptor Costantino Nivola.

© OT Sardaigne
The museums , Museo delle Maschere in Mamoiada , Italy
Museo delle Maschere in Mamoiada

Called 'Mamuthones', or even 'Issohadores, these masks worn during the carnival in Sardinia are typical of Mamoiada, where there is a museum devoted to them.

© 123RF
The museums , The Archaeological Museum of Olbia , Italy
The Archaeological Museum of Olbia

Designed by Vanni Macciocco, the museum traces and displays the history of the city starting with the Nuragic period, followed by the Phoenician, Greek, Punic, and finally, Roman era.

The museums , The Basket-Weaving Museum of Castelsardo , Italy
The Basket-Weaving Museum of Castelsardo

It is in Castelsardo that visitors will find a museum devoted to Sardinian handicraft and more particularly to a know-how surrounding basketry.

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