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The Tuscan landscapes are widely regarded as the most beautiful in Italy. In Florence and Siena you will find meadows lined with cypress trees, hills covered with vines and olive trees, alongside classically tuscan-style villas. Cortona, located close to Lake Trasimena, has stunning views of the surrounding countryside, which are best enjoyed at sunset. The best panorama however, can be seen from Fortezza Medicea, which looms over the city from the summit of Mount San Egidio. Evenings are best spending wandering around Cortona admiring the palaces of the Piazza della Republica, and visiting the museum of Etruscan art nearby. If you get to visit Arezzo, make sure you go and see the Basilica di San Francesco, the Gothic cathedral, and the Piazza Grande - a stunning example of Roman Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Here, you will also find the magnificent Palazzo della Fraternita dei Laici. Don't forget to pay a visit to Pisa, where you'll find the famous tower that leans further by a fraction of an inch each year.


Tuscany is renowned for the quality of life of its inhabitants. This, of course, includes its gastronomy. There are many Tuscan dishes that have become famous beyond the borders of Italy: steak Florentine, Livorno-style fish soup, and especially the famous biscotti, a type of biscuit that has been made using the same recipe for over a century and a half. Let's not forget the wines of Chianti that are made at the heart of Tuscany and famous around the world!


The monuments of Tuscany are some of the most famous in Italy. Pisa's famous tower continues to lean and be the source of the city's fame. It is part of a complex which also includes a cathedral and a magnificent baptistery. In Florence you will find another baptistery next to the huge cathedral and its duomo (dome). The famous Ponte-Vecchio bridge gracefully spans the river Arno. Finally, the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo is the seat of the town hall. The image of this city centre is known around the entire world.

Arts and culture

Tuscany is one of the richest regions in Europe when in comes to arts and culture, with countless museums and art exhibitions. The monuments of Siena, Florence and Pisa are all worth visiting. The heritage of the Medicis family who were powerful during the Reinaissance, that still exists today, makes Tuscany a major cultural destination on a global scale.


Tuscany is rich with museums. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is known for being one of the most beautiful in the world. The collections that it holds are priceless! In Siena, the Civico Museum brings together the masterpieces of Sienese art, and as for the Museo dell'Opera Metropolitana, it holds the Gothic elements that once decorated the cathedral. Finally, the Museo Nazionale di San Matteo in Pisa exhibits works by great Italian masters such as Fra Angelico, Donatello and Masaccio. In short, visitors are spoilt for choice!

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