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Vegetation , Prickly pears , Italy
Prickly pears

That great Mediterranean classic the prickly pear is everywhere on this island.

Melanie Challe / EASYVOYAGE
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Vegetation Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Vegetation

The maquis covers (and perfumes) the north of the island where lavender, thyme and rosemary grow wildly. The region is also home to a large number of cork oaks. This type of tree can be easily recognized by the peeling bark of its trunk, and, depending on the quality of cork removed, the wood is used to produce corks or the soles of shoes.


Vegetation , Sardinian olive trees , Italy
Sardinian olive trees

The olive tree is the epitome of all things Mediterranean.

M. Challe
Vegetation , Vines , Italy

Sardinia produces a good red wine and some excellent whites, its vineyards only adding to the charm of its landscapes.

M. Challe
Vegetation , Oak forests , Italy
Oak forests

You'll mainly find holm oak and cork oak forests concentrated inland, with the coastal forests consisting primarily of pine trees.

M. Challe
Vegetation , Bougainvilleas , Italy

The bougainvillea is by no means unique to Sardinia but you will find some superb examples of them on the island!

M. Challe
Vegetation , Eucalyptus , Italy

Eucalyptus trees, which are primarily recognisable by their fragrance, have adapted particularly well to the Sardinian climate.

M. Challe
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