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Venetian cheeses , Grana Padano , Italy
Grana Padano

It the most famous and most consumed cheese of Veneto. As for its origins, they remain a well-kept secret.

© Claudio Ventrella / 123RF
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Venetian cheeses Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Venetian cheeses

From Mount Baldo to Cadore and from the famous Asiago to Castel, every village in the Venetian mountains offers an exquisite range of cheeses. In some areas, the practice of fashioning the high mountain pastures to expand grazing is still upheld after centuries. In these areas, the cows graze freely and their milk gives the cheese a natural flavour that you can try for yourself by stopping off at a 'malga' (shepherd's hut). At Valbelluna, in Agordino or even on the Lasseni Mounts, there are plenty of shepherd's huts that make for good rest stops.

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Venetian cheeses

Venetian cheeses , Italy
Numerous uses for Grana Padano

Grana Padano appears in more or less every popular recipe.

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Venetian cheeses , Italy
Cheese in bulk

The Venetian region produces excellent soft cheeses such as ricotta and goats cheese.

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Venetian cheeses , Italy
All sorts of cheese

The large variety of Venetian cheese means there is a recipe to suit every taste.

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Venetian cheeses , Italy
Cheese in cooking

Cheeses are the principal ingredients in many dishes.

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Venetian cheeses , Italy
Venetian cheeses

There are numerous receipes using cheeses typical of Venice, especially in the northern part of the region.

© Olha Afanasieva / 123RF
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