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By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Our Editorial team's advice

Perched on a headland dominating the clear blue water of the Adriatic, Vieste's wealth of historical relics is preserved within the perimeter of its old town, which is still marked out by what remains of the former ramparts. The port and plenty of buildings without much historical interest precede a fascinating centre, where the white walls of the houses standing in narrow lanes are steeped in history. The many steps lead to the discovery of the town's most important monuments.

Shaped by the ceaseless erosion caused by the wind over the centuries, Vieste's beaches stretch out on either side of the headland. Long and sandy, they are responsible for the town's wealth as in summer they attract a large number of holidaymakers, turning it into a seaside resort.

To see

The historic center has two monuments that you shouldn't miss seeing:

The Romanesque cathedral, flanked by a baroque-style bell tower;

The Svevo Castle

. The Pizzomunno, an imposing monolith, stands on the beach of the same name a few dozen metres from the Vieste promontory. Elegant and charming, it owes its own particular charm to the numerous stories and tales concerning its legendary origins.

To do

There are many different excursions you can go on during the day, such as the classic boat trips to explore the wonderful Tremiti Islands, off the Adriatic coast, as well as the Sea Caves along the rugged coastline of the Gargano Coast. Inwards, the Umbrian Forest is a priceless environmental treasure lying at the heart of the vast Gargano National Park, which Vieste is a part of and where orchid enthusiasts will find their happiness.


  • +  The long beaches which stretch out on either side of the historical centre.
  • +  Vieste is the main coastal town of Gargano and is more lively in low season than the other towns.
  • +  The cuisine


  • -  The condition of the roads is not always very good?

To think about

There is basically only one coastal road which connects Gargano's various localities. Being rather crowded in the summer, it is advisable that drivers be very careful at night, as the white stripes on the road are not always very visible.

To avoid

Mainly frequented in summer, Gargano also holds beautiful surprises in the spring. However, most of the infrastructures are closed in winter, which can cause logistics problems and plunges the region into a gloomy atmosphere, dormant as it waits for the next summer.

To try

Gargano cuisine favors fish and vegetables but also homemade pasta. Indulge yourself with troccoli cuttlefish, tomato and cacioricotta pasta, and stuffed eggplants, all seasoned with the local olive oil.

To bring back

The historic center of Vieste is full of souvenir and handicrafts shops. We recommend that you indulge yourselves with the flavors of the south; take home a good bottle of oil or limoncello rather than boring old postcards.
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