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Wildlife , The Sardinian wildlife , Italy
The Sardinian wildlife

The Sardinian wildlife is not altogether easy to come by, but wherever you go you'll certainly come across plenty of pets.

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Wildlife Italy
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Wildlife

The fauna of Sardinia is more discreet than the flora, but if you are lucky (and have good binoculars), you might catch a glimpse of the vultures nestled in the cliffs between Alghero and Bosa. Otherwise, the road which runs along this part of the coast is another place worth exploring where you will probably come across cows grazing on incredible pastureland: areas of grass like pocket handkerchiefs that drop sharply into the sea.


Wildlife , Sardinian sheep , Italy
Sardinian sheep

The landscapes in the centre of the island are pastoral and largely populated with sheep, among other things, with agritourism playing a major role here.

© M. Challe
Wildlife , Sardinian tortoise , Italy
Sardinian tortoise

Tortoises are not exactly the most common sight here but some of the hotels have nevertheless made the animal their mascot.

© M. Challe
Wildlife , Lizards in Sardinia , Italy
Lizards in Sardinia

They really are everywhere!

© M. Challe
Wildlife , A herd of cows , Italy
A herd of cows

You'll also find herds of cows just a stone's throw from the sea.

© M. Challe
Wildlife , Heron in Sardinia , Italy
Heron in Sardinia

The heron is very commonly found on the island.

© Antasphoto TIPS RF - age fotostock
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