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There are few mammals in Jamaica and only one species is endemic: the Jamaican hutia, a rodent that ressembles a Guinea pig and lives in the Blue Mountains and on the heights of the Hellshire Hills, and which is now threatened with extinction. Wild pigs live in the remote areas of the John Crow Mountains. Finally, you will find large hordes of mongooses and over 23 species of bats, mostly living in the caves of Cockpit Country Park.

  • Mammals , A flying bat , Jamaica
    A flying bat

    There are over 20 species of bat on the island, which feed on fruit and insects

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  • Mammals , Jamaica
    A meerkat

    This small carnivorous animal is not affected by droughts since it gets enough water from the insects it eats.

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  • Mammals , Jamaica
    Horses on the beach

    Although Jamaica is not known as a land of horses, you will however be able to see beautiful specimens if you're lucky.

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  • Mammals , Jamaica
    A dolphin

    The dolphin, which can live for up to 40 years, is generally a sociable creature but some of the species remain solitary.

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  • Mammals , Jamaica

    There are more than 20 species of bats on the island, which feed on fruit and insects.

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  • Mammals , Jamaica
    A wild pig's bathing spot

    While out walking, you may come across wild pigs, which are often confused with wild boars but are actually a lot less dangerous.

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