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The island hosts large quantities of amphibian and reptile species: countless lizards, of which the largest remains the iguana, the funny geckos with their sharp typical cries, non-poisonous snakes, frogs and toads. The most impressive reptile is the American crocodile living in the marshy waters in the south of the island.

  • Reptiles , A crocodile, Jamaica , Jamaica
    A crocodile, Jamaica

    Jamaica's crocodiles mainly live in the black marshes of the mid-south of the island

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  • Reptiles , Jamaica
    Warning, danger

    All species of crocodiles are dangerous to humans, so it's best to keep a safe distance when watching them.

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  • Reptiles , Jamaica
    Like the shadow of a lizard

    Lizards are small carnivorous reptiles that are endangered due to rising temperatures.

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