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Jamaica offers amazingly diversified landscapes once you leave the splendid beaches, concentrated along the north coast of the island. The hinterlands offer nature lovers the opportunity for lovely excursions through lush hills, jungles and plantations.


Renowned for its marvelous beaches, Jamaica remains a paradise for leasure lovers. For those who do not opt for the "resort" package, there are countless idyllic spots where you can relax. The loveliest beaches lie along the north coasts of the island and are often owned by hotels.

The fauna and flora

Jamaica's flora is characterised by lush and abundant vegetation. The cedar, hibiscus, mahogany, coconut and palm trees are all endemic but other species have been introduced over time, like the mango, breadfruit and banana trees.
Like all of the Caribbean islands, Jamaica has an impressive collection of birds, such as parrots, hummingbirds and the Jamaican tody. The island is also home to many insects, including a multitude of butterfly species, and reptiles, the most impressive probably being the American crocodile, but has very few mammals.
The underwater wildlife is abundant and worth discovering. Many species live in the reefs that surround the island; anemones, starfish, triggerfish, surgeonfish, etc. Offshore, it is not unusual to come across manatees, sharks, dolphins and turtles.

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