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Best travel blogs Japan

Although a Western country, Japan is a million miles away from the UK in terms of its culture, food, politics and more. What's more, due to the language barrier, it can be an extremely confusing place to understand. In order to better get under the skin of Japan, here are some English-language blogs we reckon are worth a read!
  • Culture
    The Weekly Japan Blog

    [ The Weekly Japan Blog ]

    by Sophie
    Comments: A blog updated weekly with a mix of news, destination info, sayings, history, food and alternative culture by a Manchester girl!  Strong point: Well structured, easy to follow blog with imaginative content
  • Cities
    Around Tokyo

    [ Around Tokyo ]

    by Various
    Comments: The idea was to create a site that would give tourists and travellers a fairly broad range of ideas of what is on offer.  Strong point: Very well organised and presented. A pleasant read.
  • Photos
    Shoot Tokyo

    [ Shoot Tokyo ]

    by Dave
    Comments: A professionally presented blog of top photos from the Japanese capital with tips and advice too on taking better shots  Strong point: Fantastic colours and an unbelievable eye for details! Amazing!
  • Food
    Just Bento

    [ Just Bento ]

    by Makiko Itoh
    Comments: A specialist website by chef/author Makiko Itoh with everything you need to know about the ?bento': recipes, photos and tips and advice  Strong point: Healthy, fun food blog written by a renowned, published chef
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